Premium Proxy Services

Digital Pulse offers a diverse selection of proxy services, catering to the specific requirements of businesses and individuals. Their offerings include mobile proxies, data center proxies, and residential proxies. These proxies are designed to deliver excellent anonymity and dependable connections, making them highly suitable for activities like web scraping, data mining, and online marketing.


To accommodate a wide range of needs and budgets, Digital Pulse provides a variety of plans and pricing options. They also offer tools and resources to assist clients in configuring and effectively managing their proxies. Whether you are an enterprise or an individual seeking proxy services, Digital Pulse offers a comprehensive solution to meet your requirements.

Data Center Proxies

The IP addresses of the data center proxies are provided by the data center companies . 

As they are cost-efficient and provide high-speed connections, they can be used for activities such as web crawling, market research, and SEO monitoring since they are cost-effective and offer high-speed connections. While data center proxies may be more likely to be detected by websites, they are highly efficient for bulk data extraction.

Static Residential proxies

Static Residential Properties is a type of proxy service that uses residential IP addresses to provide anonymity and bypass website restrictions.

Unlike data center proxies, these proxies use IP addresses provided by internet service providers (ISPs) and are therefore more difficult to detect and block by websites.

Static Residential Properties is often more expensive than data center proxies, but they offer higher quality and more reliable connections. 

They are commonly used for web scraping, data mining, and other activities that require high anonymity and reliability. 

Overall, Static Residential Properties is a valuable tool for those who require anonymity and reliable connections for their online activities.

Residential Proxies

The IP addresses that we provide with our residential proxies are authentic and sourced from different devices around the globe. 

Proxies like these simulate the behavior of genuine residential users, offering the highest level of anonymity and credibility. 

The use of residential proxies is perfect for many applications, including web scraping, ad verification, social media management, and market research. When you use residential proxies, you keep the appearance of being a real residential user while accessing websites and online platforms seamlessly. 

By doing so, you will be able to gather accurate data, perform competitive analysis, and execute targeted marketing campaigns with confidence.

Mobile Proxies

Our mobile proxies use IP addresses assigned to mobile devices, enabling you to access the internet through mobile carrier networks. 

Mobile proxies provide exceptional anonymity, extensive geographical coverage, and the ability to mimic better human behavior on social media. 

They are commonly used for testing mobile apps, automating social media, obtaining mobile-focused data, and implementing location-based marketing.